Web portal/application

Web portals are often websites designed for internal purposes at a business, organization, or institution. So, if you are on YSTL for this type of website we can develop it for you following are some types which we can develop for you

  • Document centric web portal/application
  • Interactive web portal/application
  • Transactional web portal/application
  • Work-flow based web portal/application
  • Collaborative web portal/application
  • Portal-oriented web portal/application
  • Ubiquitous web portal/application
  • Knowledge-based web portal/application

Below you can see our projects which are developed by YSTL since we existed.

The question which you have on your mind that this type of website will cost too much but that is not happening, when YSTL is here. See the packages we offer, which will interest you to hire us to make website for you.

Web portal/application

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