Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus vs iPhone 11 Pro

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus vs iPhone 11 Pro

Samsung Galaxy S20 & iPhone 11 series are the most powerful flagship smartphone devices available in the market. These flagship devices offer innovative camera features, sleek designs & overall powerful performance when it comes to processor, display, battery usage etc.

Let’s dig deeper and compare both devices on key performance metrics.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus comes with a futuristic design with amazingly thin bezels, sleek frame & slightly curved screen with 6.7 inch display making it taller & narrower than iPhone 11 Pro. While iPhone 11 Pro comes with its classic notch, thicker bezel & matte finished glass back. Downside of iPhone 11 Pro is its similar design as iPhone X not giving anything new to its latest flagship device. Samsung with its punch hole camera design managed to give a more seamless display keeping S20 lighter than iPhone 11 series.


Both devices come with latest display technology but Samsung S20 series went a step ahead offering a unique feature to adjust screen refresh rate to 120Hz vs 60 Hz standard setting. This gives S20 a clear edge over its competitor with a much faster & more responsive screen at 120 Hz setting. On top of this, S20 offers an “always on display” feature that Apple is yet to launch. In terms of pixel density, S20 series comes with 525 ppi vs iPhone 11 Pro’s 463 ppi. On paper, S20 series stays ahead with its unique display features & enormously big screen size of 6.7 inches with 90.5% screen-to-body ratio while iPhone 11 Pro comes with 5.8 inch screen with 82.1 screen-to-body ratio.


Camera is one feature that stands at utmost importance for modern day flagship phones & both phones do amazingly well when it comes to camera performance. Apple is known for its camera specifically when it comes to capturing shots with realistic detailing in portrait modes.However, this time around, Samsung did step up the game by offering exciting new innovative features for socially expressive customers. With unprecedented 30x zoom feature in S20 Plus & 100x space zoom feature in its Ultra variant, S20 series now capture clearer images with much better detailing than iPhone Pro. S20 series also offer a unique feature of capturing a photo in multiple versions in different styles, all with a single press of a button. It now allows cropping a picture out of a video without letting go of camera resolution. These fun features make the S20 camera much more engaging & fun to shoot with for customers with interest in photography & videography.


Customization is one aspect where android wins against iOS by a mile. Whether it’s the home page customization or features related to operating systems.With android, you have so many choices to run your device the way you want to. It offers a lot more personalization. You can drag & drop widgets wherever you want on home screen as per your convenience to see required information at a glance while iPhone’s today view feature only allows limited customization.

Battery Life

Apple iPhone 11 Pro comes with 3046 mAh battery while S20 Plus with 4500 mAh. Both offer wireless charging features & fast charging as well. It is worth noticing that in terms of recharging, S20 series impressively recharges the device 100% in approximately an hour while iPhone 11 pro takes almost an hour and half.

If you’re a gamer, you might need to consider the battery performance while gaming. Apple iPhone 11 Pro consumes more battery vs S20 Plus. Samsung’s game booster technology optimizes processor performance smartly & makes the device run on optimum battery usage with game applications.

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