Improve Website Conversion Rate through Better UX Design

Improve Website Conversion Rate through Better UX Design

The success or failure of a website is determined by its conversion rate. Good conversion rates mean appropriate revenue and sales while declining conversion rates means that you have struggled to keep your business afloat. First impression is the last impression is a phrase that also holds true in the field of web development and design, it hardly takes 3-5 seconds to create an impression on the user visiting your website for the first time. Whether or not you have made a loyal customer who will visit your website again all depends on the user experience you provide in that minimal time frame. This little yet essential factor has made the work of web developers and designers much more critical and challenging. Apparently, your site must be generally captivating and the best of all marketing factors. Your site has to be your most powerful asset and this can convert into positive ROI or negative ROI.

Web design being the most crucial factor of a website right  from its layout, colour scheming, text style, line spacing and aesthetics to evenly spread out Calls to Action everything plays a role in creating a valuable experience for its user. Designing and developing an extraordinary site requires a comprehensive study about the navigation behavior of the targeted audience of the website. A poor UX configuration can undoubtedly confuse and irritate its users and cause your business to undergo a loss of clientage. In any case, a consistent and seamless client experience can considerably enhance the customer loyalty thereby increasing the conversion rate.

Another significant challenge is presented by constant innovations in the field of website designs and developments industry. Web development field is fairly dynamic and new designs and techniques can make your site look old and obsolete, leaving you with low engagement and conversion rate. Since maintaining a healthy conversion rate is a key factor in an online business success, it’s fundamental to look at and excel in one of the most important elements affecting changes: that is your website’s user experience (UX).

UX involves everything your leads, users or clients experience as they explore and interact with your site on each page or page component. It relates with how efficiently they can discover what they’re scanning for on your site without being eased back by pointless surfing, which can make them skip, never to return.

Here are three key ways the web developers and designers can improve the UX to increase their conversion rate:

1. Adding Videos to the website:

Web designers can add videos to their websites to enhance the UX experience. Videos are an easy way to showcase information rather than long texts which make it difficult for the users to look for the information they need from your site.

2. Speedy website:

The speed of your website is one of the most important factors of UX in today’s times. So the web development companies need to employ tools for creating a fast interface.

3. Website appearance and content readability:

Above all the design of the overall website matters the most as it forms the first impression about the website. The web developers must invest time and efforts in creating attractive and unique websites to enhance UX. Readability of the web content is another main factor that improves customer experience.

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