Deploy Code and Host Application

Deploy code and host apps

A website or mobile app isn’t genuinely live until it comes on the web. Having an impeccable plan at the time of deployment will determine the success or failure of new features of the mobile app or website you have designed. With regards to choosing what professional web design development tool you want to use for facilitating and deploying a site, it’s important to analyze the purpose and design of the website and mobile application you have developed.

A variety of tools are now available to facilitate you in deploying your site and mobile apps easily, most of them are used and created  by some professional web and mobile application development companies. In this article we will broadly discuss four easy deployment techniques for web and mobile app development that are popular in the professional web development industry.

We’re discussing the web site and app development with respect to static web hosts:

1.    GITHub Pages

Github is one of the easiest and best place to host your code. It is known to be a place for open source software which offers unlimited private and public repositories. It offers to host your personal, organizational or project pages directly from github repository.  Steps to follow:

·        Create an account on GitHub

·        Create a repository

·        Upload or data files

·        Deploy your website or app using GitHub pages.

2.    GitLab Pages

GitLab provides a single platform to design and deploy entire software development and its operational cycle. Like GitHub it also offers unlimited public and private repositories. Steps to follow:

·        Create an account on GitLab

·        Create a repository

·        Upload or data files

·        Deploy your website or app using GitLab pages.

3.    Netlify

Netlify can be seen as an all in one workflow that consolidates worldwide deployment, consistent integration, and programmed HTTPS. Also, has a huge scope ahead. The benefit of Netlify over GitLAB IS That it allows its users to choose the git repository location. To deploy an app or site on netlify follow the following steps:

·  Create an account on Netlify

· For deployment using Netlify either upload your files and deploy or connect your Git repository location and deploy

· Rename your site.

Lets now discuss the web site and app development with respect to dynamic web hosts including Heruko plus Remote MYSQL


Heruko is one of best places to deploy your web mobile applications and sites. Basically it uses Git to deploy your web and mobile apps and has its own Heruko CLI where you can also run your bash. Several prerequisites for deploying through heruko include:

·        Familiarity with Git and command line

·        Installation of Git

·        PHP installed

·        Composer installed

·        A Functional Git Repository

Setting up heruko for deployment involves following steps:

·        Create a Heruko Account

·        Installation of Heruko CLI

·        Preparing the App

·        Creating a Procfile

·        Build an APP on Heruko

·        Adding a PHP build pack

·        Setting the Heruko configuration variables

·        Pushing the code to Heruko

·        Checking the app.

Integrating MySQL:

·        Create a Remote SQL account

·        Set the database configuration variables

·        Working with the data base

·        Checking the app.

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